Guest Contributor and Co-host — Kenneth Morvant–September 24

New Picture (3)A life-long science fiction and action adventure fan, minister and life sciences professional, I grew up with all the old movies and TV when your imagination had to be larger than the special effects budget. While they lacked that, they did tell compelling stories. Names such as Heinlein, Asimov, Matheson, Serling are just a few influences from the old school. Newer authors include Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts and Michael Crichton.

Movies that dominated the screen in the fifties and sixties challenged convention and extended the science of that day into the future. While not accurate most of the time, they did ask what if and what now. Today there is a lot of action and special effects, but sometimes the stories lack depth. That is what I like to bring to the written page.  Reasons why and motivations of the characters are important to the development of any story.

I feel that a book or movie should challenge us as well as entertain. They should make a reader think about the world around them from a different perspective. Technology has advanced to a point where the lines between black and white are blurred and definite answers to issues and problems are not as easy as they once were.


One response to “Guest Contributor and Co-host — Kenneth Morvant–September 24

  1. I think we like to believe that there’s a knowable past, but it’s really like the future–a big muddle of moral uncertainty. Only God is certain, but He definitely likes to keep us guessing!

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