No Age Barred — Post Show Highlights — September 10

Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of William Murphy

Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of William Murphy

On September 10th, I had the pleasure of interviewing a mother/daughter team who have both published books. This show was particularly important to me because I truly believe that kids have an awesome ability to rise above the heights. I think too often we tell children to enjoy their lives. Don’t rush to grow up. However, I was inspired by an article of a young boy who started a tech company at twelve years old. Now at the age of fifteen, his company is worth 3.5 million dollars. I don’t even have a clue what I was doing at twelve years old.

Another young entrepreneur I highlighted during the show was the owner of Spartz Media, also a young man, who started his company at a young age.  Alexander the Great was young when he began his campaign. He conquered the known world by the time he was thirty.

It stands to reason that we need give kids more credit than we do now.

In our show, we talked to Cynthia P. Willow and her daughter Ciella Naden. Ciella is thirteen years and was a little shy on the show. What I found really inspirational about her was that she has dyslexia. For all intents and purposes, writing a book shouldn’t be on her list of accomplishments…but it is. Cynthia stated she home schooled her children and giving them the assignment of writing their own books helped to unleash the writer in her daughter.

We also hear from two young men, Adam Bolander and Jordan W. Wei. Adam has written three fictional books of YA fantasy and without being preachy, he adds Christian elements in his story in a subtle way. Jordan W. Wei is the author of Precursory Apologetics as he uses a methodology to begin to ask deep questions when talking to skeptics and seekers.

To hear the show, you can go to or down load the WLUV Radio App on the Google store on your mobile device.


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