August 20 — Guest Contributors and Author Interviews — Brita Skinner and Rebecca P. Minor

346935_ccb0229f7b7d9be81f63012e686f6480_jpg_srz_408_423_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Brita Skinner is a new up and coming Christian Thriller author. Her first book is a thriller called “Daybreaker”. It is the first book in her Nightlife series.  She’s also brain storming idea’s for her next books after the series is finished.​

For as long as Brita can remember she has always loved to write and create stories that can also show the reader different things and different ideas.​

Creativity has always flowed through her and she has always found new and unique ways to express herself through her writing and her words.  In writing she’s always found a way to say the things that she wants to say but can’t find the words to say out loud.​ ​

In publishing her first book of poetry she found the courage to let other people into her world and see a part of her that she’s always kept hidden away, out of sight from the rest of the world.  In writing she’s found her freedom and found a voice she never thought she would have.​

She was diagnosed in 2007 with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. A disease that has robbed her of a normal life. But, she continues to write and enjoy the life that she and her husband have eked out together. They fight every day to survive and generate a greater knowledge of chronic pain and it’s symptoms and what it can do to your body.​

She and her husband, Richard Skinner, have three adult children and live near Calgary, AB Canada.


Becky's Headshot_1Mom of 3 boys, wife of their father. Author of The Windrider Saga and Curse Bearer. An occasional freelance artist, working in anything from animation, to murals, to sculpture, to book illustration.


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