Saved, Sanctified, and Scandalous

Today’s church is filled with saved, sanctified, and scandalous people.

From the Catholic priest child molestations to Jimmy and Tammy Bakkers’ high profile scandals, it seems as if the children of God cannot escape the effects of sin. And not just the big names of Christianity but in our local churches and communities, scandals have touched all of us in some way.

For some, the scandals are formed from lies and for others, areas of weakness lead to degenerative behavior and cover ups.

The 21st century has led to a Church, particularly in the West, that has, as a whole, become ineffective to make a cultural change. Instead of being  the leader in change agents, we have become part of a growing morally dystopian environment where the church’s light is hid under relativism, weak biblical knowledge, ignorance of history, and apathy.

Our guest hosts and contributors are Josh Peck and C. Nathaniel Brown. Josh is the author of the book Disclosure: Unveiling Our Role in the Secret War of the Ancients, a battle plan to help people know what the Bible says for itself and not just blindly follow tradition or leaders. C. Nathaniel Brown’s book, Devil in the Mirror: Overcoming the Enemy’s Attack, shares his journey for spiritual wholeness by revealing intimate details about heartaches such as being tormented by abortions in his life, being arrested, and being separated from his family. But he doesn’t stop at the pain of these and other tragedies, he shares how he discovered breakthrough.

Have you been a victim or in the center of a church scandal? Were you able to overcome it?  Feel free to share your story by calling in at 646-595-2083.


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