July 30th — Guest Contributor and Author Interview — Roystunn Pruitt

  09cc0c6772a6fc440b1513aa69232250Roystonn Pruitt is a 26-year-old science fiction author from Texas. He is the creator of the Riesel Tales series, which is in the process of being published. His other interests include drawing, listening to music, cooking, gaming, and watching animation. He is an avid follower of Jesus Christ.

Artwise, he enjoys depictions of space and futuristic vehicles, occasionally drawing the former himself. He’s also fond of anthropomorphism, and most of his characters fall under this category.

For music, Roystonn primarily enjoys such genres as electro-swing, Balkan beats, jazz, classical (and other instrumentals), trance/progressive, hardstyle, hardcore/happy hardcore, gabber, tech funk, and drum’n’bass.

He is fond of cartoons from the 90’s and early 2000’s, such as Freakazoid, The Tick, and Invader Zim; and anime such as Gintama, Ergo Proxy, Nichijou/My Ordinary Life, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

His favorite game is Minecraft.

Check out his world here.


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