God’s Stepchildren — Aliens

I think I look all right for an alien.

I think I look all right for an alien.

The question of aliens is one that doesn’t have a strict ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, although contrary to what skeptics and believers think.  Since Hubble looked through is telescope and saw thousands of galaxies from the the width of his iris, the question of whether man is alone in the universe has been probed with no concrete answers.

From alien abductions to invasion plans, alien folklore, mythology, or fact has risen to unprecedented heights. More movies and shows, particularly in the sci-fi genre, show aliens in a particular light — some as advance beings, intelligent, far superior to us.  According to some, they can take out our planet in signal burst of energy, clone copies of us, destroy our world, give us magical powers, harvest our organs. etc.

I think Christian and inspirational writers alike, have a unique advantage in probing this topic from a biblical standpoint. As such, our guest contributor and co-host Roystonn Pruitt, author of his debut anthology, Riesel Tales will be discussing this topic as we look it from the perspective of God’s Stepchildren–aliens.

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