The Write Stuff — Romantic Love vs. Arranged Marriage– July 2nd


There’s something about the emotion of love that pulls at everything inside of us. Love fills us with wonder and drains us of all selfish thought. It soars high in the air, flying on the wings of a mythical bird of light that pierces the dark edges of our souls. A mighty shield against all oppression, it can cut down barriers, heal wounds, and create an unbreakable bond.

Or, so we say.

Literature is littered with this idea of romantic love. The searing all-encompassing feeling of romantic love that connects two people over time and life, even after death according to some. We search for the one person we can call our soul mate.

But in the wake of the idea of romantic love, we have divorce and broken relationships. If love is so fantastic, why are we constantly in search of it?

Conversely, arranged marriage has a connotation of distaste to it. The idea of having your spouse chosen for you bereft of your own involvement or for the sake an external influence (social status, familial honor, etc.) can be repugnant for some. Yet, a lot of marriages of this type are made and it’s been speculated that arranged marriages lasts longer than romantic love.

On July 2nd, I will dialogue with Rachel Rassano, author of the indie published book, “Duty” as we discuss romantic love vs. arranged marriage; their pros and cons and biblical references of these two concepts.  Also, we will hear an interview between myself and Laurie Alice Eakes as she details her writing career and gives tips and advice for aspiring authors.

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to call in at 6465952083 on July 2nd at 7:00 PM. Eastern Time.

To listen in click here:

If you’re an author or provide author services, leave a comment and I will draw a random name at the end of the month for you to have a 10 minute spot on our show to showcase your service or your book.

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