Getting Ready for…The Write Stuff

jennifer radio banner fixed

On July 2nd, I begin to host the internet radio show, The Write Stuff.

For all intents and purposes, I have to say I’m so terrified excited to be doing this show. I look forward to introducing a great collection of inspirational and Christian authors who write stories that probe the imagination or probe our every day fears. I look forward to highlighting those people who help these writers fix perfect works of art of the written word.

To tune in click here and you can call during show time at 6465952083.

Each week, we plan to discuss topics that pertain to authors in the various stages of the writing process, from concept to product. We also will interview authors in various stages of their manuscript and share tips, tools, and techniques to help writers grow and improve their craft. We will talk with indie authors and established authors and hear the stories behind their words.

Most importantly, we will be there to encourage every writer who wants to write to get writing. A small segment of our show called BrainSpark will have writing prompts each week for the author who has no idea where to start. Or, for the writer experiencing writer’s block, can use to jumpstart their writing.  Feel free to share anything sparked from the segment and we’ll be sure to post it on a special blog dedicated to BrainSpark.

As we get ready for the show, I have to thank several people who have made this possible and I will do so formally on the first day of the show.

The Write Stuff…helping inspirational writers write.

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