Helping Inspirational Writers Write

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It is a universal fact that anyone can write. You do not have to be trained in any regard to write anything.

Fortunately, for we readers out there, we want more than a person who can write. We want someone who can write well.

The Write Stuff is a radio show that will discuss issues that pertain to writers. A call-in show, each week we will have a topic we will discuss, provide techniques and resources for writers to hone their craft, writer news,  and listen to authors in all stages of the writing process as they share their experiences and stories.

There is another universal truth: writers need help. Anyone who helps writers knows this. From editors to marketers, we want to showcase your services as well.

Another aspect of our show is that we want to help new authors have a medium to discuss the work they have put their time and effort into. Whether an author is an award-winning maestro with publishers tearing down the door to hand them checks (a nice fantasy) to the new indie author who’s written their first book, we want to showcase you. Starting July 2nd at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Welcome to the Write Stuff radio show…helping inspirational writers write.


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